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How It Works

100+ Teens Who Care gives teens in 9th-12th grade the opportunity to make a difference in their communities by collectively selecting and donating to a local charity. Every member donates $100 annually ($25 for each quarterly meeting) and 100% of the donations are given to the selected charity. At each meeting, three vetted local charities are randomly selected for consideration.

During the quarterly meetings, the member who nominated the charity makes a brief presentation about why it should be chosen. After the presentation, members get the chance to ask any questions. Then, anonymous voting is held and the charity with the most votes will receive the combined $25 from each member ($2500 from 100 teens). The selected charity is invited back to the next meeting to share the impact of our donation.

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Our Founder

Lily Messing

Lily Messing

Passionate about making a difference in her community, Lily believes that high school students are not too young to create meaningful change. This conviction led her to start 100+ Teens Who Care and is the driving force behind her push to grow the organization. As a result of the nonprofit’s success in Tucson, Lily is expanding 100+ Teens Who Care to cities not only across the United States but also internationally. 

As the founder of the first chapter, Lily utilizes her expertise and resources, including templates she has developed, to provide mentorship and guidance to chapter leaders in other cities. She assists these leaders at every stage of establishing a successful teen giving circle.


Her dedication to expanding the reach of 100+ Teens Who Care aligns with her overarching mission: to ignite the next generation of philanthropists to give back to their communities.

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